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It's time toBelieve in You!

When things change
inside you, things change
around you!


Offerings & Coaching

Retreats, Workshops and Women’s Circle

Meditation is a tool used to assist in coping with the everyday pressure of life. It is a practice used to calm your mind, give yourself some respite from overthinking, enabling you to find some peace and balance within your mind and therefore your life.
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Life Coaching & Self-Love Advocate

Learning self-love and acceptance is the first place to start in order to create the life you deserve. Taking an upward and onward approach to uncovering your personal strengths and desires to start living out of your true and authentic self
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Specialised ADHD Coach & Declutter Coach

Coaching is a partnership, assisting and supporting you to identify where ADHD is showing up in your life, uncovering what strategies work for you with someone who understands and has been trained specifically in ADHD
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meet Sarah

Your Coach

This is where I thought, everyone has a purpose and this is mine. SELF-LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for all is the first place to start; If I could do it then anyone could!

It is possible and I’m proof, but there is one prerequisite. You must drop the victim mentality of “you did to me”.

We all have the opportunity to make our own decisions and choices in life. Yes, we may have made some bad choices and decisions, and yes, some of these may have stemmed from wrong-doings or events that have happened throughout our childhood or life.

But we also have the ability to look within, heal and realise that we can be our own best friend or our very worst enemy. Which one do you choose to be?


Self Discovery
Self Belief
Self Love

My "I dream of Jeannie" Tent coming to life!

Meditation Sessions
I really enjoy my meditation sessions, it’s an 1 1/2 I get totally for myself. I love entering the gorgeous colourful tent and the comfy bean bags, its such a different space with a feeling peace. I enjoy meeting other ladies being able to communicate in a relaxed non judgmental environment. I would definitely recommend.
Leanne Clark
I Feel Safe
I would love to share my support for The Believe Revolution Sarah is outstanding She puts you into such a relaxed state with her meditation group it feels like you have slept for 3 hours. Her voice transforms you to another place. She has such a caring way and attention to detail is just perfect. From the moment you step inside the beautiful tent it makes you feel calm. The whole experience is really lovely. I feel safe to talk about my insecurities in the space because I don’t feel judged or questioned. I just feel supported. All of the woman that come to her group are lovely and I believe just searching for themselves too, they want to be the best version of themselves. I wish Sarah all the happiness in the world and I will continue to go to her circles. As I strongly believe in what she is doing is helping lots of diverse people. Congratulations Sarah you’re doing a fabulous job.
Paula Reynolds
Magical Space
I have been attending Sarah’s Women’s Circles from the beginning. I love the magical space she has created especially for women. Sarah’s passion and realness are inspiring. I always come away feeling more connected with myself and confident in general. Sometimes it feels hard to drag myself out of the house, and I feel so busy… but every time I get to a circle I feel so glad that I did. I really find them uplifting and energizing. Great to have self-care scheduled in! Sarahs circles give me a sense that we are all in this together even though we may spend so much time alone, doing our own thing. After attending Sarah’s circles I have realized that at our core we all feel the same way and want the same things – to be seen and heard and to feel a sense of belonging. I can’t thank Sarah enough for creating this safe, beautiful and super comfy space for women
Leah Jeffries
Self Belief
I have really enjoyed coming to your Women’s Circles and Meditation program. Thank you for creating such a great program and environment – the tent is really the best! I have learnt so much already and I’m sure I will be learning more as I travel this journey with you. To be part of a ‘circle’ where you feel safe and not being judged in any way is so rewarding. I would like to highlight for you just a few of the changes I have already seen in myself. I now Accept Myself, Respect Myself and Love Myself. I use the breathing techniques to calm and centre myself when I am under pressure and feel stressed. I also make time for myself to do something that makes me feel happy every day. I do not see any of this as being selfish!! Every day I rise early and read affirmations and meditate – this is for me the best way to start my day. Thank you for introducing me to self belief and meditation.
Leslie Evans

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